JENNIFER GRAYLOCK: Art, Celebrity, Fashion Photographer and Creator of

Renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Jennifer Graylock has had her work featured in most well known fashion and entertainment magazines; and shot campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.  And now, the highly sought-after photographer is now combining her fashion, celebrity and fine arts background to create Face Chairs Art Series Collection (  These iconic chairs are Graylock’s humorous intent to give fans, and non-fans alike, a chance to have their very own celebrity moment. 


The “Face Chairs” Art Series Collection will features Jennifer Graylock’s most acclaimed celebrity and fashion icon photo picks.  Each chair is then paired with a mid century-inspired bentwood chair, carefully restored, and emblazoned with exclusive photos from Graylock’s topical collection. 


“In creating this limited edition, signed, art statements, I select and carefully restore visually interesting vintage and modern designer chairs in a variety of shapes and pair them with celebrity images from my collection shot at pivotal moments in each figure's life,” said Graylock.   


“Face Chairs” is a true expression of Graylock’s art that combines her world-class photography and love of furniture design and restoration.   Her roots in furniture design extend back to helping her grandfather restore and craft furniture when she was a young child.  The collection takes a creative laugh with each celebrity to become part of his or her fans home. 


Graylock unveiled her first iconic pieces at RAPT art&design in Naples, Florida, where she featured Oscar winner Angelina Jolie’s now notorious “leg pose” and Oscar nominee George Clooney immediately after learning of his Oscar nomination, creating international buzz from fans and non-fans alike as well as the celebrities she’s captured. 


The Jennifer Graylock Photographic Collection is considered to be one of the largest topical photo archive of celebrities and fashion images in existence.  She has a vast collection of fine art photography and her work has won numerous awards, including the Phillip Eisenberg Award, and she has exhibited in numerous critically acclaimed, one-person and group shows.    Graylock’s widely circulated images are known to become a part of pop-culture history, appearing in media outlets across the world. 


At the helm of, Jennifer Graylock has earned the distinction of the industry’s leading female photographer; and is sought after by top designers, magazines and fortune 500 companies to capture the images of the world’s most glamorous and iconic personalities.  Graylock has captured the who’s who of Hollywood including Madonna, Eva Longoria, Robert Patterson, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Anniston, Justin Theroux, Will and Kate, Nicki Minaj, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton, Naomi Campbell, Jordan’s Queen Rania and many Leaders of the Free World, to name a few. For more visit